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ABA Principles of Birding Ethics

posted by Jeff Bilsky at
on Sunday, April 3, 2011 

With nesting season underway and as somewhat of a follow up to what Carl posted below, it seemed like a good time to review the ABA Code of Ethics. What does everyone think about this? Do you use this as a guide when you're birding? Do you use a personal code of ethics instead? Does it vary depending on situations or birds? Do you ever stop yourself from "getting" a bird or a photo because you feel it would cross a line to do so? I think we could have a good discussion here on this topic, but remember this is all just opinion. Unless of course we're talking about a violation of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act in which case it's simply law and opinion isn't as relevant. Let's hear your thoughts!

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Anonymous Jerry Liguori said...

I personally wouldn't partake in any photography that puts the welfare of a bird in jeopardy. I'm not ethically perfect, but I feel strongly about this. I know of, and have seen other photographers ignore ethics....it is very prevalent. I wish people would would recognize it and speak out, and wish magazines and books wouldn't reward photographers for taking such photos by publishing them....but I can't stop it.

I have gotten several comments about the "Photography Ethics" section of "Hawks at a Distance".

April 4, 2011 at 5:25 PM  

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