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The Robin's Nest, My Head, and a Lesson Learned

posted by Jeff Bilsky at
on Monday, May 23, 2011 

Across the Street from my office is an open field lined by several tall trees that happen to attract a good number of passing birds. Last year I located a Northern Parula amongst other great birds and realized my own personal Patagonia Rest Stop Effect. I take as many meetings and phone calls as I can under those trees and often bring along the binos. I get weird looks from my co-workers but I don't care. I mean what do they do, sit at desks? Borrrrrring. So this afternoon I was checking the trees again and found several chattering Bullock's Orioles and singing Yellow Warblers. Then a Robin with a mouthful of worms landed on the nearby chain link fence. I observed it fly into an adjacent Pine and disappear. Intrigued I went in for a closer look. The Robin had mysteriously vanished. After probably close to 30 seconds I finally located the nest tucked into a clump of branches far off the main trunk. The Robin had apparently already left for the nest appeared unoccupied. I peered up just to take a look and catch a glimpse of nature. Nothing too invasive, certainly wouldn't dream of touching or reaching in, just wanting to revel in the beauty and appreciate this amazing and....wait what's this noise from behind me? Sounds like a Robin. Oh CRAP! A Robin with a mouthful of worms dove at my head like a patriot missile. I ducked just in the nick of time and immediately backed off several feet apologizing and insisting that all was fine and good and....."WHAT THE! WAIT!!!" Another dive right at my head and another narrow miss. I ran across the street like a mad man just in time to watch a co-worker giving me an odd look. The Robin went back to feeding her nest and I'll be witnessing nature from a safer distance for a bit. Good Birding and remember to respect their space.


Blogger Birding is Fun! said...

Does your building have security footage? That would be some funny video!

May 23, 2011 at 5:44 PM  
Blogger Tim Avery said...

Jeff and his unmatchable ability to get attacked by nesting birds. I can't wait to see an owl or hawk take a swoop at you!

June 1, 2011 at 9:04 AM  

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