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2nd Annual Gullstravaganza

posted by Tim Avery at
on Monday, January 16, 2012 

Official Release in the Pelican from Great Salt Lake Audubon:

2nd Annual Utah Birders "Gullstravaganza"
Saturday, Jan. 21st, 9am-3pm
Leader: Tim Avery

Every winter as California Gulls congregate on the edges of the Great Salt Lake to search for food at nearby land- fills, parks, wildlife management areas, and anywhere that may have open fresh water--other gulls that stray from their normal winter ranges end up mixed in.

This creates one of most unique inland gulling hot spots in the nation. Along with the thousands of California Gulls are smaller numbers of Ring-billed Gulls, and decent num- bers of Herring Gulls. Mixed in with those you are likely to find a few Thayer’s Gulls with enough searching. Aside from those 4 species a handful of others show up every year including: Glaucous, Glaucous-winged, Mew, Lesser Black-backed, Western, Iceland and even a possible Slaty- backed Gull once.

This January, join Great Salt Lake Audubon and the Utah Birders as we visit Decker Lake, the Lake Park Facility, Lee Kay Ponds, and Farmington Bay WMA in search of wintering gulls on the south shore. Along with the gulls we can expect to see a number of other wintering species at these locations.

We will meet in the S.E. corner Shopko parking lot at 1300 East and I-80 at 8:45am and promptly leave at 9am.

Please bring $5 per person as a donation as part of the Utah Birders continued fundraising activities. The money will be donated to Great Salt Lake Audubon as part of our continued effort to support this great organization.

We will probably be out till around 2 or 3pm, so bring snacks. It will likely be cold so bundle up and if you have scopes bring them as it will be an asset for scanning the large flocks of gulls.You can sign up by filling out a form at the url below:

Or call Tim (801-440-3035) for more information.

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