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Wings Across the West Fundraiser

posted by Jerry Liguori at
on Thursday, September 6, 2012 

Mike Shaw from HWI asked me to post this:

HawkWatch International will be holding their annual "Wings Across the West" fundraiser on Thursday, September 20th. The featured speaker is Brian Sullivan from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and a frequent collaborator with Jerry Liguori on scientific raptor publications. He'll be presenting "The Evolution of Birders", his personal story of birding and eBird: Citizen Science. The $50.00 tax deductible ticket covers food and drink, and there will also be a silent auction.

About Brian Sullivan:

Brian Sullivan has conducted fieldwork on birds throughout North America for the past 20 years, much of which has been focused on raptor identification. Birding travels, photography, and field projects have taken him to Central and South America, Antarctica, the Arctic, and across North America. He has written and consulted on various books and both popular and scientific literature on North American birds, and is a co-author on the forthcoming Princeton Guide to North American Birds. Research interests include migration, raptor biology, and closing the gap between science and birding. Brian is currently the Cornell Lab of Ornithology project leader for eBird, photographic editor of the Birds of North America Online, and photographic editor for the American Birding Association’s journal North American Birds.

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