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Northern Pygmy-Owl: The Death Blow

posted by Tim Avery at
on Tuesday, February 3, 2015 

Sorry that it's a little shaky.  I didn't grab my tripod and trying to hand hold for video usually doesn't work out to great.  Needless to say the last 3-4 seconds of this video show how fierce this tiny little owl is:

This winter has seen a higher than usual number of detections of Northern Pygmy-Owls.  Winter is usually the best time to observe these owls in Utah but this year it seems to be a banner year. This individual was seen in the town of Rockville, Utah right along the busy Highway leading into Zion National Park.

We watched it drop and take the mouse out, before finally putting it out of its misery, and after a few minutes starting to dig into its catch.

Of all the pygmy-owls I've seen this was by far the coolest interaction I've had! What are some of the experiences others have had with this species this winter, and in winters past?

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